By and large, Android devices are quite safe, as long as you stick to legit downloads from Google Play and the Amazon app store. But still if you are worried about the security of your mobile device, like phishing attacks, hacking, and viruses. There is a lot of antivirus software available for Android devices today, like AVG, Avast!, McAfee, and Lookout. Today we are going to see what Lookout Mobile Security Premium offers.

Lookout is available in two versions, the free one and the paid one which is called Premium. Needless to say you will get a lot more features with the Premium version. The free version is supported by ads, and protects against malware, remote location and contacts backup. This is actually quite sufficient security. But if you would like to be absolutely sure, then you can purchase the premium version which costs around $30 for a year.

The additional features you get with the paid version are:

  • 2 GB cloud storage for backing up call history and media files
  • Safe Browser that stops you from visiting unsafe sites (with phishing links and viruses)
  • Privacy Advisor for your apps
  • Privacy Advisor for your apps
  • Remote lock and wipe which is a great anti theft feature

These options appear as Tabs in the home screen, and you can disable or enable any of them. When they are active you will see a green check mark next to them. When you disable any of the features, you will see a grey minus symbol.

Lookout Premium version 3.0 has an excellent intuitive interface which is attractive and extremely user friendly, with help boxes. After installation, setting up the program takes just a couple of minutes.

The start screen shows you a dashboard that has a real time activity feed and shortcuts to the features below. The feed gives you info about when your device was scanned last and if the newest app installed on your device is safe or not. When any malware is detected, the security tab lights up with a big red bulls-eye. It even gives you a detailed description of the malware, and picks out apps it does not trust, especially those that try to access your personal info without permission.

The refurbished web portal,, enables the management of all your remote controls including remote wipe and lock, backup and restore, and remote location and alarm.

One shocking omission in the app is that there is no alert when the SIM card is removed, because naturally this is what happens to a mobile phone the moment it is stolen.

The contact back up data can be restored on another device.

The Better Protection feature, when enabled, makes it nearly impossible to uninstall the app from your device.

Another interesting feature in this app is the signal flare. Normally, for nay remote command to work, the device HAS to be turned on. If it is switched off, or the battery dies, then your chances of finding your phone are pretty slim. But Lookout provides a method by which your phone’s last location (just before it is switched off or the battery gives out) is recorded. You need to remember though, that this method is not fool proof. It could be transported far away after it is switched off.


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