I’ve had several run-ins with tech students on the Internet. Most of these were favourable. A lot of the times I contacted tech students it was to ask them to do something on my blog. I’m an author, freelance writer and editor and I’m great at my job. However, when it comes to the technical side of blogging, my mind fizzles out to dust particles. I can do enough to get by, but if a technical problem needs to be addressed I’ll find someone better equipped than me to deal with it. The first thing I asked from the tech students I approached was evidence of work they had already done. This is where a blog comes in handy.

A blog is a tech student’s public CV (resume)

Most people looking to hire technical help are very limited to what they can do themselves. A small percentage of this market just haven’t got the time it takes to fix the problem that needs addressing. The first thing potential clients (who pay good money for work done) want to see is proof that you can actually do the job at hand. Having a blog gives you a huge advantage over your peers because you can display your expertise and repertoire. Even if you haven’t already done the individual task at hand before, having your own blog means you can try it out there and show the client the results. It’s great to show what you’ve already completed on other clients’ blogs (if you already have clients) but none of them are going to allow you to experiment on their blogs just to show a potential client what you can achieve.

A tech student can sign up to Fiverr with his/her blog

Fiverr is a website that offers all types of services on the web, for just $5.00. Anyone can join up, detail the service they’re offering and charge potential clients $5.00 to complete the job for them. If a tech student has a blog, she/he could make tremendous impact on Fiverr. They could send clients to their blog to see samples of the work they’ve already carried out. If these are up to standard, the opportunities could start pouring in. Steve Jobs once said that people don’t really know what they want until they see it (paraphrased). Whatever you’re offering with your skills, people may not even know they want it done, until you show it to them. What better place to do this as widely and as creatively as you want than on your blog.

Tech students can use their blogs to earn money while they study

Most students are poor or on the verge of being poor. Why waste your time doing random, menial jobs like waitressing, catering, or being on the check-out when you can use the skills you’re learning for your future – now. That makes perfect sense! You’re learning a skill that will come in handy in a few years, a skill that you hope will land you a good job that earns well. Why wait? Use this skill and even better it a lot quicker by doing tech jobs for people like us who need it. You won’t have to waste money travelling to work, and can do your job at any time of the night or day. In addition, there’s a potential to earn a lot more. Use your blog to showcase your work, sign up for affiliate sites like Amazon. Sign up with Google Adsense, and sell your talent for repairing and maintaining other people’s blogs.


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