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Apple has announced that the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held in San Francisco Moscone West. Also, it is expected that Apple WWDC 2012 event will start on June 11th – June 15th. This 5 days WWDC workshop conference will be targeted on iOS and OS X app development, whereby the developers can reap a better understanding on Apple products. Besides this, students involved in designing apps can avail the scholarship program in order to participate in the WWDC 2012 on Apple’s expense.

In the 5 days workshop, the developers will get an opportunity to attend hundred technical sessions pioneered by the Apple Engineer. Also, they can take part in the 100 hands-on labs, Design Awards and plenty in addition. Here is a detailed list which will explain you the events and activities that are projected to take place at the WWDC 2012 from June 11 – 15th.

– In the Worldwide Developers Conference 2012, Apple Engineers will present over 100 technical sessions and give you detailed interpretation on various subjects with respect to development, deployment and integration of recent iOS and OS X Technologies.
– Thousand Apple Engineers demonstrating 100 Hands-on lab sessions to the developers on code level assistance, making the best of iOS and OS X technologies, technical development and guidance.
– The WWDC workshop gives an opportunity to interact with several thousands of iOS and OS X expert developers from worldwide. The previous year, around 60 countries represented the event.
– Spectators get an opportunity to take part in the Apple Design Awards for distinguishing the best iPad, iPhone and Mac apps which exhibits technical excellence, creativity and spectacular design.

The cost of WWDC 2012 ticket is about $1,599 and only limited tickets are targeted for sale. Organizations can receive 5 tickets, whereas individuals will get only one per person. Most importantly, the participants should be a part of Apple’s developer Programs.

Besides the ticket fee, you have to spend money for flight fares, accommodation and food. The tickets for WWDC 2012 event will be instantly sold out in mere hours, this isn’t a surprise though! Earlier the cost of the ticket was little less, but Apple increased the rate in the year 2010 after observing the interest of the spectators and the demand the tickets had.

The WWDC event which is intended to take place in the month of June will not be broadcasted live. However, you can download and watch the videos which will be hosted soon after the keynotes. It is expected that Apple will perhaps take the opportunity to unveil the new versions of the desktop products such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac. All these upgraded patterns will include OS X Mountain Lion Preinstalled.

It is everyone’s interest to know whether Apple will declare the next generation iPhone 5 during the Worldwide Developers Conference or it will hold the news until its release. If you are someone interested and overcurious like me, then stay tuned till the month of June to know the secrets!

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