Lucid Cloud Meetings

Traditional web conferencing solutions are centered on sharing your screen; they don’t help you produce good outcomes from your meetings. With Lucid Meetings you can share your screen, but you can also do so much more. For working teams this means getting more done with less by combining collaboration, web conferencing, and teleconferencing into one seamless solution. Now everything you need to meet with your teams and plan, decide, assign and track is all in one place. For one low fee.

For organizational leaders, boost productivity across your teams by transforming and improving what employees dislike the most, their meetings.

Benefits of Lucid Meetings:

Lucid Meetings provides

– online historical record repository

– provide a scalable organization-wide all-in-one facility for a company’s teams and projects

– actionable records

– documented discussions

– collaboration tools

– cloud-based solution

– easy real-time communication tools

– affordable alternative

– expert meeting infrastructure & guidance


Which helps:

– oversight into teams

– it’s the results, stupid! (not the talking)

– provide a unified organizational experience

– create alignment between project goals and meeting outcomes

– to look professional; impress clients and stakeholders with your meeting organization & management skills

– provide continuity between meetings to avoid repeating discussions and revisiting decisions

– Improve visibility / transparency into what teams are discussing and accomplishing in their meetings

– increase value for time spent; if 30%+ of your day is spent in meetings, make it count!

Unlike the competition:

– disjointed solutions that rubber band together wikis, base camp, dropbox

– difficult and expensive enterprise collaboration: sharepoint, Jive, and others

– status quo with old technology, such as Webex, GoTo, Conference calls, online meeting presentation tools


Now the best part, An Exclusive offer for our TechWacky readers:

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