The iPad remains a hot topic within the medical device community, as these tablet computers offer new ways to display product information, surgical-implant techniques and radiological images for surgeons, doctors and students to use to learn or view those images without returning to labs or hospitals. The following list of 20 must-have iPad apps for radiologists and x-ray techs is compiled simply from the iTunes store, where medical apps for the iPad abound. The first section consists of images that can be viewed to showcase medical companies’ techniques or learning strategies. The second category consists of viewers that either comply to certain company criteria or that can be used by subscription to view patient images.

Radiological Images

  1. 3D4Medical3D4Medical’s Images was designed specifically for the iPad to showcase the high quality images developed by It contains over 200 medical images that can be displayed for presentation purposes, saved as wallpaper or shared with friends or colleagues.
  2. Brain MRI Atlas is a free app that allows you to navigate through hundreds of of labeled brain structures. It is designed for all healthcare professionals as an interactive study and reference tool. View serial sequential axial T2 FLAIR images of the brain, with structure labels easily organized by category.
  3. HD Radiology is a new application that is an encyclopedia filled with general radiology information and provides a tool for teaching teaching and learning in schools, colleges, universities. Use your fingers to enlarge full text, photos and graphics, or double tap to zoom out again. You can also use the copy tool inside the encyclopedia to search and copy any full text or graphics and paste on any document or send by email inside your device.
  4. IMAIOS Mobile is an atlas of human anatomy for healthcare professionals who have subscribed to IMAIOS. This app requires an internet connection and a paid premium individual subscription. IMAIOS‘ mobile application allows IMAIOS subscribers access to the most complete reference for human anatomy directly on their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
  5. Monster AnatomyMonster Anatomy Lite – Knee is the free version of Monster Anatomy – Lower limb (see below), an interactive lower limb radiology atlas presented at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America annual meeting. The application was developed in the Medical Imaging Department of the University Hospital Center of Nancy, France, under the supervision of Professor Alain Blum.
  6. Monster Anatomy HD – Lower Limb is an interactive lower limb radiology atlas presented at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America annual meeting. This application contiguous MR slices (4-5 mm thickness) in the three anatomical planes.
  7. Monster Anatomy – Upper Limb is an interactive lower limb radiology atlas. This application is designed for healthcare professionals (radiologists, general practitioners, orthopedists, surgeons, physiotherapists among others) as well for students, as a reference and learning tool.
  8. Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED is one of the most innovative educational resources in the field. Rather than use static images to teach specific diagnoses, Radiology 2.0 uses stacks of CT images to actually teach the reader how to approach and interpret CT scans. This incredible series available to the medical community at no charge whatsoever.
  9. Radiology Assistant — Medical Imaging Reference & Education provides excellent information on a wide variety of topics. MedGadget calls it a “great resource.” It’s easy to navigate and provides a great teaching program. The app uses localized content with a layout that is optimized for your device’s screen.
  10. Radiology ToolboxRadiology Toolbox Lite is designed by a practicing radiologist to help radiologists, residents, medical students, radiology technologists and technology students. Useful tools include radiographic contrast premedication, GFR calculator, solitary pulmonary nodule criteria, gastric emptying times and readiosotope half lives. Get the pro version for the price of a cup of coffee.
  11. Radiopaedia Vol 1 is the brain radiology teaching file light. These apps go up to six volumes, but new apps are being developed. These apps will not be upgraded, but will continue to work indefinitely. provides these Radiology Teaching Files to further your learning, help in preparation for board exams, and as a quick reference.
  12. RSNA RadioGraphics provides users with quick access to RadioGraphics full content, view referenced articles with an in-app browser, experience rich image viewing, jump within article sections, track viewing history and store and share articles. RadioGraphics is the premier journal for high-quality, peer-reviewed educational material in medical imaging.
  13. RSNA Radiology allows users to view referenced articles with an in-app browser, experience rich image viewing, jump within article sections, track viewing history and store and share articles. Radiology is the top peer-reviewed journal for original medical imaging research, authoritative reviews, well-balanced commentary and expert opinion on new techniques and technologies.
  14. Surgical Radiology is a medical educational app created by DD Surgical for the Department of Surgery at Lehigh Valley Health Network. This app is game-center ready and you can track your performance.

Image Viewers

  1. Centricity RadiologyCentricity Radiology Mobile Access helps you support secure, efficient healthcare delivery with true anytime, anywhere access to images and reports from Centricity PACS. The AccessNOW application supports a broad range of modalities with 2D, 3D, and MIP/MPR capabilities.
  2. MIRC Viewer allows users to search for and view Medical Imaging Resource Center (MIRC) cases on an iPhone or iPad. This tool can work with any specified MIRC Storage Service. Several tested servers are provided.
  3. Mobile MIM software program is used for the registration, fusion, and/or display for diagnosis of medical images from only the following modalities: SPECT, PET, CT, and MRI. Mobile MIM provides wireless and portable access to medical images. This device is not intended to replace full workstations and should be used only when there is no access to a workstation.
  4. OsiriX HD is a companion application to OsiriX for MacOS which is an interactive visualization program designed for display and analysis of medical images. The iOS version allows downloading and manipulating series of images directly on your iOS device. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
  5. Redi-Reader is a reader that can be used for accessing designated medical references and guidelines including guidelines from the Infectious Disease Society of America, American Diabetes Association, STD Guidelines from the CDC, COPD Guidelines from the American Thoracic Society and others.
  6. SeeMyRadiology Mobile is a secure cloud-computing platform for medical image storage, sharing and collaboration. It allows imaging facilities, hospitals, physicians and patients to easily and securely exchange their medical images and related documents online.

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