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A new app has debuted in the App Store, dubbed as PairShar. It let you share the music you’re listening to in real-time with another iOS device via Bluetooth. The app is being pitched at joggers, bikers, and other folks who exercise together.


– Share your music or listen to your friend’s music wirelessly
– Connect over Bluetooth
– Select a music ShareList for your friend to hear
– Auto-play once connected
– View friend’s album art, song title, album and artist
– Auto-scan to connect with nearby friends

Users can create a playlist to share with others. The app conducts an auto-scan for other PairShare users, and commences playing once a connection is made. Friends on the receiving end of the streaming experience can view the album art, song titles, albums, and artists in the playlist. One limitation: the app can’t stream DRM-protected songs.

The PairShare app is free, but only allows you to share a few songs at a time by default; you’ll need to spend $3 on an in-app purchase to upgrade that to unlimited. The app’s compatible with the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4; second, third, or fourth-generation iPod touches; or any model of iPad. The device must be running iOS 4.1 or later.

Download from here. [iTunes link]


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