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Brand New look of, 11th Feb 2011

February 11th, 2011 by Tanbir Leave a reply »

New look of 2011

The Screenshot you are looking above is the latest brand new look of, as of 11th Feb 2011. I am impressed how google is going with this new design. What they made is a tab style look in the top menu bar. If your still haven’t got it, here is the old design. HERE

Now many people around the world will comment on this new design, some will say its too much like style. I don’t care, for me its ok as long it does not take too much time to load. I somehow think loading speed of makes it stand for others.

As of now, the design has not been updated on and many other countries default google domain. Till now only in US

So tell me, do you like the new design of


The general impression on Google forums for this new change is VERY negative. There is now at minimum an extra click in signing out, switching accounts, going to settings, etc etc. One can mock others for complaining over such a miniscule amount of extra effort, but the big question is WHY did they do this? The disadvantages are obvious. Are there any actual advantages, or is this just an extra layer of complexity added to justify an employee's continued salary?