If you’re looking for a photo editing  tool that offers more pro features than Microsoft Paint but doesn’t have the intimidation factor of a beast like Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended ($699 to $999), then Paint.net may fit the bill.

When I need drawing tools and other advanced capabilities, nothing beats Paint.NET. I’m perpetually amazed that you can get software this powerful that doesn’t cost a dime.

This is so much easier to use than Photoshop. You can save in almost any image format, resize, crop, add layers, adjustments and effects. Basically Paint.NET is everything that Microsoft and Adobe programs should be, but aren’t. Thanks for your hard work.

Paint.NET started life as a college project aimed at producing an alternative to Microsoft Paint, but has developed into an accomplished and feature-packed pixel-based image editor suitable for use as a day-to-day image enhancement application or to produce more creative results.

One of the great things about Paint.NET is the open source community that supports it. They are passionate about the development of add-ons and improvements. They contribute plugins and tutorials to the forum, which is a big help to a user who would like to expand the capabilities of the program. The help documentation is extremely detailed and offers examples for all its features.

The price is unbeatable since it is free.

To download Paint.NET, please visit: http://www.paint.net/

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com