by Jason Kincaid on September 14, 2009

The second company to emerge from the TechCrunch50 DemoPit as a peoples’ choice winner is YourVersion, a discovery engine that looks to help recommend new content based on your past searches and interests. The company was among the top two recipients of TechCrunch50 tokens, which are used by conference attendees to vote on their favorite companies in the DemoPit, and shares today’s Peoples’ Choice Award with oDesk.

YourVersion launched today, and looks to help users search for content across blogs, multimedia sites, Twitter, and other social sites, updating with relevant content in real-time. Rather than force users to run the same searches multiple times or rely on a clunky bookmark system, YourVersion pays attention to your interests, and presents results accordingly. You can browse through results from all of these content sources, indicating which ones you like (or dislike) using thumbs up or thumbs down functions.

For mobile users, YourVersion offers an iPhone application, which you can download for free on the App Store here. There’s also a Firefox extension that allows users to quickly share their favorite blog posts and news articles on Facebook, Twitter, and other services.

Q: So it’s like Digg and reddit without needing user submissions? Do you have commenting?
A: Yes, this also helps prevent the editorial tone you get on those sites. We will have comments in the future.
Q: How do you get more passive discovery?
A: There’s a line between implicit and explicit. You’ve got thumb, share, etc as explicit. Below that is implicit — if people repeatedly go to the same sites again and again on the same topics, that’s a good indicator.


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