Powered by TBS (cable TV station), VeryFunnyAds gives comedy fans a great and funny experience by watching some of the most hilarious commercials ever created from around the world.

A flash-based website, VeryFunnyAds enables users to browse funny commercials from either by brand or country. If you like a particular commercial, you can spread the word by emailing it to your friends and they will definitely roll in the aisles! Besides that, you are able to copy and paste the link anywhere you want, be it in your blog, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

I feel that VeryFunnyAds is indeed a fantastic website as it not only allows us to view funny video commercials online, it also gives us more information about the commercial that you are watching.

For example, when you view a particular commercial, you will notice that just below the video player, it provides you with the country, brand, year, number of views and emails.

If you stumbled upon a funny commercial that is not listed in VeryFunnyAds, you can suggest it to them and the folks there will of course be delighted. However, VeryFunnyAds does not only depends on viewers’ submissions. It is said that it will continue to find more funny commercials and share it on the site.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com