Wouldn’t it be great if your OS booted in just 2 seconds? There will be no need for sleep modes and hibernating. Intel is working on Linux based OS that would boot in 2 seconds with the Intel atom. The OS which is already in its beta testing phase has been named Moblin.

If Intel pulls out this one then Moblin would be the fastest booting OS in the world.  “We think that two second boot is possible.” says Imhad Sousou, director of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. The 2 seconds booting OS will be ideal for Netbooks and MIDs.

A 2 sec booting for a OS would be faster than what it takes for a SMS to open on my Nokia (takes 30-40 secs). This should please Netbook owners running Linux OS, but faster loading time isn’t a luxury that will make me switch from WinXP unless it supports Ms-office and other basic utilities well enough.

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One thought on “Intel developing world’s fastest OS”
  1. Not much useful to all. Linux still does not have a good and friendly GUI to work in. Infact we are pleased to windows.
    Will intel launch it for a price?

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