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Palm Pre coming on April 30? (Rumor)

March 31st, 2009 by Tanbir


Will the Palm pull another rabbit from their hat and manage to release the much much awaited Palm Pre by April 30? Till now the rumored date was sometime in June. While the company has maintained the release date as “first half of 2009″ the www world is going crazy guessing the actual date.

Apparently a beta tester has tweeted that the Palm Pre would be released on 30th April. Thats just a month from now! This may sound true as we know that iPhone 3.0 would be revealed in June 2nd week and Palm would certainly like to ship out as many Pre’s as possible before that.

However no one can be certain and we term this as just another Rumor. But did we read Wimax phones? Just for the records the Wimax service for portable devices would be launched in India soon. All the cos await is a spectrum auction. We have learnt that wimax biggies in India are already testing their Wimax networks to work with portables / handhelds / notebooks.

@heeeyrold @dberube We do a lot of betas 4 Sprint. Also testing WiMax fones. Not sure if Pre is final. Release dte of 4/30, so I’m told..

@darthpooh79 Sprint claims that 4/30 is a line in the sand, according to my acct mgr there…he’s usually right on #Palm Pre

Via UberGizmo

Update: The story doesn’t end here. Apparently Jim Van has also revealed that the Pre would be priced @ $299!!