Everything is slowly becoming “smart”, with continuous technological advancements that allow us to implement sensors in everything, but not until I’ve learned about the development of smart underwear that I started thinking about all the unusual places and ways developers plan to implement this technology. You may find some of these gadgets interesting, odd, strange, practical, or simply entertaining, but one thing is for sure – they’re innovative and are designed to revolutionize our lives.

#1 The Ziro Glove

Put a golf-like smart glove on and start controlling things with your hand. Ziro’s glove is motion-sensing and is used to control servo motors (in conjunction with a mobile programming interface). Some simply call it a robot, while others prefer the term remote manipulator better. The point is, the user uses the cybernetic glove (which covers the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger) not to direct the autonomously-moving machine, but to control the servos directly. The Ziro glove essentially reads your hand movements and translates them into gestures that can be configured with the mobile app (the robot is programmed by assigning hand gestures to different motors). It is still considered a mechanical experimental platform, but nevertheless – you can move a robot with your hand, and that’s pretty cool.

#2 Samsung Family Hub 2.0

You’ve never thought that you’d be able to talk to your refrigerator, until now. Samsung has added voice support to its smart fridge series, so users can order groceries online, add products to shopping lists, learn the time and weather, and control other apps through simple voice commands. The Family Hub 2.0 has a 21.5-inch LED touchscreen which allows users to post notes and messages, look a shared calendars, share photos, and create individual profiles with personal pictures or avatars. The fridge has internal cameras which allow for the content to be viewed without opening the fridge door. It also has the technology for digitally tracking your food’s expiration dates, notifying you when it’s time to restock. Samsung also says that they’re working with Glympse, iHeartRadio, LiDL, and Spotify to increase the functionality of their smart refrigerators.

#3 OMbra

The guys from OMsignal thought that smartwatches and fitness bands are very conspicuous. You have to take them off, charge, and remember to put on whenever you go to workout. However, we all wear clothes every day – underwear, socks, T-shirts, and pants. So, why not take the advantage of smart sensors and implement them there?

The OMbra smart bra is the first wearable fitness tech of its kind. It’s built to adapt to your body shape, so no need to worry if you gain or lose a few pounds. The padded cups can be replaced to suit to various sizes and shapes. The bra comes with the OMrun platform, and takes care of all the essentials, such as calories burned, steps taken, distance covered, pace, and heart rate. The breathing ratio relative to your steps is measured by the Breathing Rhythm feature, while the amount of oxygen you’re using during your runs is quantified by the Running Economy feature (helps you know how hard you pushed yourself during that last run). The OMsingla app can be connected to third-party apps like Nike +, Apple Health, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, and Strava.

#4 We Vibe

A pretty good way to enhance your intimate pleasures is We Vibe. We’re pretty much sure that everyone can find the right vibe with it, as it is quite powerful, flexible, and fun.     It offers more stimulation for couples that need it, as it has a flexible fit and can be controlled via smartphone app. Made from medical-grade, silky soft silicone, users can create their custom vibes, build intensity and control the vibrations by simply touching the screen on their phones. We Vibe continues to be ranked as the number one couple’s vibe. It comes with a charger (fully charged in 4 hours), and the care and cleanup is easy because of its simple design.

#5 LG OLED Display

E-readers finally got something that will provide them an authentic paper-like experience. LG created an 18-inch display that can be rolled up like a newspaper, which is a result of their work focused on rollable, bendable, and curving displays. LG sees these displays as kind of differentiation points for TVs, tablets, and smartphones. In the future, we’ll be able roll the screen up and put in our pockets or wrap them around interior spaces.

Whether it’s for practical use or entertainment, these gadgets and devices use technology in a strange, but innovative way that leave us surprised, or even speechless. Smart sensors and technology are so small that can be implemented in almost any device to record movement and translate them into various commands or statistical information. It may seem experimental, but it’s through experimentation that we come to new and better solutions for various aspects of our lives.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com