usa-shipDo you like to shop online at the comfort of your home, but hate to pay those hefty shipping charges? Or has the seller refused to ship items internationally? Now, you don’t have to worry about it, as the USA Trading International Corp is here to your rescue. In order to save your shipping cost, the company provides you with a dedicated postal address in the United States to accept parcels from American online stores, your business partners, clients or contractors. The company was founded with the mission to become the premier intermediary for online shopping with international clients and US merchants. They ship to 220 countries worldwide, including domestic US shipments. In short, from making sure your items are exactly what you are looking for to getting the best prices, the company takes care of all these things, making your shopping experience worry-free. All you need to do is to register at and shop till you drop!

Services provided by the USA Trading International Corp are as follows:

  • Dedicated postal address

By selecting address and shipping agents with better proximity to your merchants, you can save on shipping and sales tax.

  • Easy payments

The purchasing and paying for items is really simple, as you don’t need a US credit card for shopping through the company website.

  • Personal shopper

It provides you with a personal shopping experience, as every question or doubt that you have about the product or the store is answered by the company’s staffs, who reach out to the merchants on your behalf.

  • Verification & imaging

Once your parcel is received, it goes through a verification process followed by clicking a picture, showing the packaging to ensure it is not damaged and measuring the exact weight of the item. So that you know how to get your products safely reach their destination.

  • Returns

If the product is damaged, then you can return it through them to the merchant without having to worry about contacting the merchant several times regarding various return policies. You can just simply ask them to do it for you and all will be taken care of from their end.

  • Repacking

Any of your shipments is not opened without your permission. You can also ask for repacking of products if it is in bulk order and you want it to be delivered in compact bundles, as per your convenience.

Apart from these, the company provides a wide range of extra services which can be tailored according to your needs, whether big or small. In fact, it even provides free consultation to the clients and also has a very flexible price system. And to reward their customers for working with them, the company gives a loyalty discount after 10 orders. They also have some other discounts and offers for the orders in the range of $2000 and above.

The company not only saves your shipping cost and taxes, but also works on the principle of maintaining a healthy and long term relation with their clients in terms of good assistance and reliability.

By Techwacky

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