notibuyer_play_coverIn a world where the average person gets overwhelmed by information, technology helps in solving most of the problems. Particularly, in bringing efficiency in planning and a stress free lifestyle. The Notibuyer App is not an exemption. With it, you will get the best platform for organizing your to-do lists, memos, and notes in the most efficient way. The notepad app provides you with simplicity when arranging your tasks and planning your day.

You might be wondering what differentiates it from the average notepad app! Well, it is more than just a notepad application, whereby it serves as your personal assistant and a social platform through circles. It is your personal idea holder that will listen to your commands and transform them into details. In case you want to keep your long shopping list into a memory, without the hustle of typing-in the details, this app is your way to go!

Share lists within your circles

The app allows you to create circles with the relevant people – these are the people within your family and friends boundary. With these circles, you can organize the lists that you have created and share them. Whether you want to share shopping lists, photos of items that you are aspiring to buy, or inspirations notes; the app will carry out the challenging past for you.

Get your voice memos transcribed automatically

We all love getting inspiring memos or details into notepads. Although, we hate it when typing such details into our smartphones or tablets. The move can be daunting, more so on a tiring day. With Notibuyer, you will just have to dictate the voice memo or inspirational quote and get it transcribed and saved automatically. You might just have to perform minor edits for paragraphs and so on before saving. The challenging past will be carried out for you.

Get your photos organized

Unlike the past where you could only write down details of the things you aspire to buy before hitting the road for a shopping spree, technology has allowed us to find images of the things we want online or take them offline. The notepad app will help you take such images and get them organized. With the move, you will easily find them with just a simple search.

Make shopping lists on the go

You want to go out with friends and then shop afterwards? Well, you will just have to dictate your shopping list and the app will transcribe for you. When doing the shopping list, you will most likely have to visit the kitchen, fridge, washroom, bedroom, your small workstation, resting room, and any other place within your home.

With the app, you will just have to launch it and visit every place while mentioning the item you want in your shopping list. You will get it transcribed automatically and added in your list. You can still mention the quantity and brand.

What else?

Have you noticed an error in your memo or lists? Get it edited at any time by text, photo, or just a voice text. It is that easy. You will then enjoy sharing organized lists with your partner, colleagues, friends, and family. The app is easy to operate and very convenient!

By Techwacky

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