aIf you have been reading about VR headsets and how they can transform the way you have played fantasy games or watched your favorite shows, there is yet another compelling use of VR or 360 degree videos and that is in courtrooms. Virtual reality is about providing an experience of a situation where the viewer is within the frame, being part of the scene, and getting sensory experiences of the situation like being present in the scene and being an active presence in the moment.

How VR is changing the scenes?

With the immersive experiences becoming a reality through VR enabled headsets and apps; there is a potential usage of this service for courtrooms besides being used in different entertainment purposes. Indeed, storytelling in different contexts, whether it is music, journalism, travel or films as well as gaming, VR is changing the way people experience these subject matters. The same works for filming crime scenes and presenting the same for jurors who need to take a call on a pending legal matter.

How crime scenes are reconstructed?

changeIt is possible to reconstruct crime scenes with the help of illustrative aids like charts, photos, maps, videos, medical records, diagrams and others which can help judges and jurors to check the details in a VR storytelling format instead of relying on the pieces of information that come through the presentations of the witnesses and the evidence that is presented in court.  There are virtual reality filming services that can help reconstruct scenes of crime and provide a 360 degree view of the same. These videos can help answer intricate and critical questions that usually determine the outcome of a trial. For instance, understanding the angle of a car that was impacted or the direction from where a bullet came would definitely help jurors take a more accurate decision in a trial proceeding.

Aid for defendants

With VR videos becoming a reality, finding a professional service that can help reconstruct crime scenes would definitely help a party to present all the facts to the juror who are usually provided piecemeal information and there is always loss of information in such processes. With 36 degree views of the scene of crime viewers would be able to identify with the situation, align their perspective with that of the victim or the defendant and understand the situation or the circumstances under which a crime scene took place.

Finding the right service

It is not difficult to find a filming service that offers expertise in 360 degree videos. is one of the leading 360 filming service. They use their cameras and take a detailed full 360 picture of it that a juror can examine using a VR headset. With their professional techniques one can get the crime scene recorded and all necessary facts put together. This will enable any lawyer to present the case in a more compelling manner. The jurors would find it easier to come to a verdict as well as for judges to check all necessary facts. Nowadays, many VR video filming services offer their services through specialized forums and directories and they can be contacted through their dedicated websites as well.

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