greenDAO-orm-640The world of Android applications is still growing and the demand for new apps comes up in different categories and subject matters day by day. From the age old games and entertainment apps, nowadays governments are also using apps to provide important information to public, to receive inputs from them and to provide assistance and support in ways it was never thought possible.

For businesses apps are powerful tools for exploring new categories and customer segments. Medical apps are revolutionizing the way healthcare has been offered to public. Hence, many entrepreneurs are planning start up ventures based on novel app ideas. As opportunities are endless and potential is huge, everyone wants a bite of the pie.

Ease of programming for Android apps

The other advantage is the open source platform for developing Android apps. Basic knowledge of programming in Java and working knowledge of SQL databases is all that is required to get started. There are several developmental tools that are being launched which promise ease of use when it comes to coding and developing the database as well as mapping of data for Android app development.

One such tool is greenDAO. It is part of the open source platform, offering an invaluable service to Android app developers. Objectional relational mapping or ORM is a critical process where objects need to be mapped to corresponding tables in databases. Most Android apps are developed on SQLite databases. It is a relational database that is easy to use and offers ease of establishing relations between objects and data. However, parsing queries and writing SQL commands are tedious, especially daunting for those who do not have an in depth working expertise with coding and application development.

What greenDAO offers?

With this tool it is easy to map Java objects to SQLIte database tables. It is an ORM tool that makes this job simple for an application developer. With object oriented interface, it is easy to raise queries, update as well as delete Java objects in the database system with this tool.

Features of the program

ORM has become a critical part of Android app development, especially when it comes to mapping Java objects to consequent data in database systems. This tool makes this easy and fast in the following ways:

  • Fast performance is a key feature.
  • It has a small library to make build time span low.
  • Memory consumption is low.
  • APIs are fast and effective in joins and relations.
  • Offers encryption features in the latest 2.2 version.

The encryption advantage

Not only will Android app developers will be delighted with the above mentioned features of the tool but they will find further use with the encryption feature added in the 2.2 version. With millions of installs that have occurred of apps developed using this tool, one does not need to think twice before taking up this development tool. The encryption feature provides support of SQLCipher. For storing sensitive data in the background databases and to provide a more secure environment for the app users, this version is a must try.


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