aipos3Dlogo“..the 3d printers will be the biggest revolution of the future, every industrialized country will use the 3D printers for their industrial production..”

From this simple phrase was born the idea of creating Aipos3d, an online network that allows searching of 3D CAD models, which are necessary for those who have a 3d printer at home.

This online network operates in the world of 3d printing sector, which in recent years is in great expansion.

The heart of the business has a website, and it is around this portal that develops the business of aipos3d.

Aipos3d is a search engine for 3d models downloaded from other websites is an intermediary that allows users to consult a broad range of 3d models present in different portals by providing a direct link to these sites to allow the download of the file.

To do this it is necessary to index the pages of the major websites on which you can download 3d models, this is necessary to provide a preview to the user who does a search.

Aipos3d is only a search engine of 3d printable models that you can find on external websites and download from external websites. For this reason all contents are not property of Aipos3d.

Taking a look at the 3D market, we can say that is growing rapidly, so it is expected that the demand for 3D models to be printed will be very high in the future.

The sale of the first 3D printers began in 2007 and in recent years has grown exponentially.

In addition, according to reports from the most reliable growth, the market for 3D printing will be booming in the next few years.

The first version of Aipos3d is available online at, obviously this is a first version that requires further modifications and upgrades to be done in time to provide a product that is more performance to the end user.

An important factor not to be underestimated is the innovation.

For a web product is essential to maintain a high level of innovation, in order to make available to the customer a product that is always up to date and innovative.

Only in this way can effectively support an online business.

To conclude, Aipos3d is a free search engine and a good tool that help you to find a lot of 3d printable models!!

You can visit and give a look to if you are interested to 3d printing.

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