can12Non Woven sneaker cleaning technology is now being offered by a company called TightWipes of Staten Island, New York who is starting to gain traction in the footwear cleaning marketplace. The special purpose of cleaning sneakers in a growing 48 billion dollar a year sneaker industry has led to the manufacture of these wipes by TightWipes and the usage of these wipes by the ever growing sneaker culture.

These wipes are getting major attention from retail buyers, stores and consumers across the world.

What are Wipes?

The question would have crossed your mind at one time or the other. The term ‘wipes’ would refer to wiping towels that has been designed specifically for limited use before disposing of. They are mostly made from synthetic, paper or cloth material. These wipes would differ from paper towels in a variety of ways. Paper towels have been known as the simplest form of wipes. A majority of wipes have been designed for a specific task by adding formulated ingredients for maximizing the performance like how TightWipes adds their special sneaker cleaning formula to their high grade wipes.

TightWipes are exclusively available for purchase on

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