printer-copy-station-ink-laser-reviewIf you are starting a company and you want to reduce your initial costs of installing a photocopier or if your company wants to do some cost control on printing expenses, then photocopier leasing is the best option.  Buying a good quality office photocopier requires huge investment and many low quality copiers will not be able to give the printing quality you are expecting. Moreover, most of the copiers get outdated within 2-3 years due to the advancement in technology. The best alternative to all these problems is to rent a photocopier service. Here are the reasons to go for office photocopier rental for your photocopying needs.

No Need of Huge Payments

Many businesses cannot afford to make a huge payment for buying a photocopier. When you are opting for a photocopier for rent, you are paying only for the time you are using the copier. You can get easy payment options for leasing. It will help to budget the printing expenses of your company. You can pay small amounts for the photocopier, as the copier lease charges monthly.

Better Use of Capital

When you are leasing the machines for office purposes, you will be able to use your capital for better purposes like investing in expansions or for making appreciating asset purchases. You will be able to preserve the extra amount you have for the future business needs. You don’t have to opt for any commercial credits when you have enough money for running the business.

Reducing Overall Tax Payments

The photocopier leasing expenses are deductible as it is an expense needed for running the business and hence the company does not have to include it in the taxable amount. So, the overall tax payments get reduced.  If you select an office photocopier rental, you can reclaim the rental amount by keeping it under “by payment” in your accounts.

Up to Date Equipments and Multi-Functionality

It is not possible for companies to renew their photocopier or to upgrade them on a regular basis. Once a company purchases a photocopier as an asset, the value of it decreases over time. So, it is beneficial for the companies to opt for rent a photocopier service so that they will have the finances saved to buy any asset, the value of which will increase year after year. Renting or leasing will help companies to use more up-to-date equipment without worrying about budget restraints. Moreover, most of the latest copiers are multifunctional with scanners, color printers, fax machines, etc., and you will be using the updated version of all these machines when you lease or rent a photocopier.

Increasing Productivity

Outdated photocopiers can reduce the efficiency and productivity of an office. This is particularly important if your office has to make thousands of copies of documents or other papers a month. You will be able to increase productivity and to make a better return on the investment by leasing the copier machine.

If your company wants to keep control on the finances and to enjoy tax savings, you will find an office photocopier rental to be a very good option.

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