server-rows-resizeWhat is a dedicated server web hosting service?

A dedicated server web hosting service is the service which actually leases a dedicated server to you for your needs for hosting website. You actually do not own the server and it is actually owned and managed by the web hosting service. You get the power and flexibility of a dedicated server and that comes at more affordable rate and in a managed way. It is advantageous than buying a dedicated server completely because you do not need to hire any IT guys, take a precious space for accommodating server and set up your own network. The best dedicated server hosting service does the entire job for you and you are relaxed!

In shared web hosting service plan or VPS you are not leasing the entire server but in dedicated server web hosting plan you are getting the entire dedicated server leased for you. The dedicated server is a standalone server in the web host’s data center which is dedicated only to you and it is not divided or shared with any other customer. The hosting service rent a server which is totally dedicated to you in dedicated hosting plan and therefore there is no war on the configuration and resources. You can configure the server hardware at the point of ordering along with the software and operating system for it. The server can also be set for the optimal performance with the particular language of choice like Python or Ruby.

Many dedicated web hosting server services provide full root access and custom set-ups which make the dedicated server a fully tailored solution as in-house IT equipment. You also get a security and backup provisions from the dedicated server web hosting service and thus you have complete control and safety of the files you have on the internet.

Benefits of a dedicated server

No sharing of files- With a dedicated server web hosting, you get everything your way and exactly you wanted. There is no sharing related to RAM, processing, disc space, ip address or others. The only software running on the dedicated server is that software which you have chosen.

High Performance- The dedicated hardware and customized software combination delivers high performance of your website and it will be able to handle high traffic easily without any downgrade of performance.

Better security- Since you has complete control over the dedicated server, you can lock the access more effectively allowing access to people only you choose. The risks of hacking are less since you control the rights and permissions completely.

Full control – The dedicated servers are fully customizable and you can choose the configuration of the server you want and thus you can choose the software, operating system, permissions, technical set-up and more. A dedicated server set up is the only way to set up the server entirely as you need.

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