localizerWhat good is a business if it does not reach out to your customers? In a recent article, it was found that almost 57% of the world’s population is not online and UN attributes it to the single major issue, that is, unavailability of content. Now, it is impossible to imagine how the internet is sort of content? In reality, the internet is sort of local content, content that people can actually read and understand. A fast data pipe will do no good if people cannot even read what is written on the website, let alone buy your products or services. Localizer, has taken an initiative to solve this issue with a dedicated team and homogeneous goal for localization.


How Does It Do It?

This is the hidden magic where it can localize the entire website in just minutes and get your local website ready for disposal. Essentially, it works with the current website, translates it into multiple languages, as your choice, and publishes it in just minutes. The swiftness of translation is the key, apart from the super simple setup and maintenance.

  • Localizer requires zero development cost and time. The user needs to follow a simple procedure to setup and install the application and it automates everything, that is, 100% automation of the rest of the procedures. The conversion rate is impressive and makes it user friendly and reliable.
  • This is additionally empowered with SEO enabled content that is easily searchable and ranked by the engines.
  • If a website is search engine friendly, it also helps increase traffic to the website automatically and fulfills the primary goal of reaching out to your targeted audience.

What Are The Steps?

Localizer primarily dwells on three steps in order to keep the work load on users as minimal as possible. The essence of this application is to make things simpler and more efficient than using a translation medium. This is also useful when a website is not translated accordingly or incompletely making it ultimately difficult to interpret. Just browse to www.localizer.co and request for a demo.

  • LaunchingLocalizer: This opens up an intuitive and thoughtfully designed interface. It is easy to follow the icons and their actions.
  • SelectingContent: The next thing is to select the content that you wish to translate to another language. This also gives you the option to select the whole webpage or certain parts that you feel relevant to a particular region.
  • Approve: This is the last step where you finally get to approve your previous selection or you can choose to make some edits and save the localization for publishing.

Localizer helps a great deal by reducing your workload as you have to “copy and paste” the integration code just once and it works forever irrespective of how often you add, edit and remove content from your existing website. It supports localization using more than 24 integrations like WordPress, Drupal, Magentoet all. Localizer makes great promises and they all seem quite true, so far with ever increasing support.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com