2322There has been a continuous stir arising among people about the National Security Agency peeking into people’s lives by tracking their social network or social media platforms. Also, the rumours have surfaced about NSA tracking people’s buying patterns with the help of an app called PEEPME, created by a young guy from Belgium named Zeki Sever.

Although NSA has completely denied the rumours that it has impersonated any US company website, including PEEPME to collect data and spy on targets but sources have suggested that NSA is using Metadata to compile ‘Social netwrok Diagrams’ on PEEPME to view people’s lifestyle,  how much and on what they are spending. To do this, they are using Zeki Sever as their puppet.

Keeping apart the continuing rumours about NSA, the unique app is surely gaining huge popularity among the people and in fact, a lot of celebrities like Tyga, Scott Disick and Amber Rose have come out on social media to promote the app.

The PEEPME app is basically a social network app that derives information from other social media to share the user’s spending, buying and selling lifestyle with others. The app allows the users to post pictures of the products or services they have purchased and tell how much they have spent on it, so that one can see how much in total they have spent throughout their timeline.

Surely it suggests that people will be able to show off their lifestyle with this app, but from another perspective, the app can also be used to keep a track of your expenditure and share the bargains, deals, discounts the user got on a product, with others.

Regardless of how NSA is exploiting the app, it is apparent that the app has the potential to become popular among the celebrities as they are the social icons. A number of people love to peek through the celebrity lifestyle and follow what they buy, how much they spend on buying something and much more. Instead of finding this information from random sources, this app will give the most accurate information of the celebrity’s lifestyle, expenses and the stuff they buy.

Apart from this, the PEEPME app can also help to boost businesses as it’ll showcase various users using different products with their price, which’ll help in marketing of the product.

The concept of the application is simple yet pretty effective as it provides such insights into the lifestyle of people which other social media hasn’t been able to offer yet. Moreover, just like most of the social media, PEEPME is also available for free.

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