advertisemintAdvertisements are not just for businesses today. There are lots of individuals and organizations that utilize ads to convey their cause for their movements or activities. These ads are usually posted over the internet, some on social media such as Facebook and many more. However, this does not come without proper costs as advertising is something taken advantage by companies to gain profit or income. Because of this, there are some individuals or organizations that have a lot of worthy activities that should be shared to the world but are not given the chance to do so because they don’t have the funds to spare in advertising. It’s such a bad break for them.

But today, one of these non-profit organizations will be given the chance to promote whatever activities they may have in a generous move by AdvertiseMint to launch a campaign that would aim to raise enough funds to support the needs of a selected organization to have post some ads, particularly in one of the largest social networking sites today, Facebook. It is indeed a generous move by a company considering that the funds they would raise can be used for their own campaign for their offered products and services.

AdvertiseMint Inc. is a digital advertising agency that happens to be a specialist in Facebook ads has officially launched its campaign dubbed as “Facebook for Good” which will primarily aim to raise funds to help organizations and even individuals to freely put ads on Facebook to promote their activities that will make a difference to the world.

According to the company, they will conduct a screening process where applicants will be narrowed down by a team until the final winner is chosen by their employees. All organizations are welcome to apply and all they have to do is to download the forms that can be found on their website and accomplish it and send it back. The lucky organization that will be picked will enjoy up to $ 25,000 worth of ads post in Facebook and free management of their ads to assure they serve their purpose of educating people for their cause.

During the first conduct of the selection process, the One Shake is all it Takes 5k movement founded by Kortney Hamilton. This event aims to raise the awareness of many people about Shaken Baby Syndrome and other family related bills and them being selected as a beneficiary of this move is truly a good break.

This is such a good move by the digital advertising company as a way of giving back to people who really deserves help because of their endeavors that might make a big change in this world. It is such a very worthy campaign to launch and the hopes that many would support such campaign remains high. The move of AdvertiseMint is something that should be replicated by a lot of agencies who have social corporate responsibilities. It is always a good way to give back to people and share the success you have achieved.

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