freight-forwarding-transport-logistics-flexitransOperating with the current order assistance structure poses no problem to Logistics International Forwarding Inc. Features like automated placement of orders, current state of inventory and real time transportation fees are representative for this organization. It collaborates in an excellent manner with the large majority of internet marketplaces and shopping centers.

The optimal mode of transport is picked automatically, as well as the best alternative regarding packaging and maintenance. All of these lead to effective and efficient delivery of goods to their respective destination.

The following actions are taken to ensure the above: the address is checked twice and corrected for promptitude, the route of the order is carefully thought of, but only after a couple of things are taken into consideration (like the availability of products, transportation fees and the crossing of country frontiers), by use of suitable accounting the backorders are tracked and placed on the best warehouses, if you are either interested in a cheap or a trustworthy way of transportation, Logistics International Forwarding picks the most economical vehicle, product protection is provided by using protective packaging (which is also the most economical), chosen out of a wide array of boxes and such.

Logistics International Forwarding Inc will make sure that your image in front of your customer is well preserved by ensuring the following features: e-mails containing information regarding the shipment are sent to the customer and you as well, when they write the name and the address of the sender on the package they assign your personal markings, they place marketing goods in every package, like promotional materials and such, customers are provided with different options regarding delivery and costs so that the duration and fees can be decided on, after the order is shipped out of the warehouse you will receive a tracking code, the customer can edit the details and even cancel orders, but only if they have not been handled yet, gift cards or wrapping can be added to any package by the client, Logistics International Forwarding warrants each and every shipment, satisfaction is guaranteed by shipping the order out of the warehouse on the day that it is received, forwarding will be free of charge and a discount will be offered in the eventuality that they make a mistake, the fastest service and the lowest price will be automatically picked and last, but not least, you need not worry about any order return because it is an easy service.

Moreover, thanks to the analysts and to the information panel (found on their site:, worries about order location or the customer will be eliminated. You will receive comprehensive reports regarding your delivery. You can manage the inventory by way of forwarding agents and this will enable you to keep a better watch on the demand. The company responds proactively to sale increases, especially on peak seasons, by enhanced goods location and erroneous addresses are automatically fixed as well.  What’s interesting is that you can offer access to the information panel to different people, with different levels of access and responsibility.

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