F7MAWAGFZWXP08R.LARGEWhen you buy an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro, a power adapter comes with the system. Depending upon the model you have, you may have an 85W adapter or a 60 W adapter. You can use the adapter to charge the computer or to run it from a wall outlet. While these adapters are durable, they might start getting problems with time. Some adapters might get quite hot when you use them and some won’t charge the unit.

If you have a faulty Macbook Pro AC adapter, the easiest solution is to get it replaced by a brand new adapter. You can buy it from the Apple Store or an authorized reseller. Resellers often offer the best prices.

Before buying a new 85W Magsafe power adapter, you may want to check whether you can fix the problem. Here are a few things you should do.

Unplug the adapter for a while. Apple adapters have a tendency to get very hot. Because of this reason, they come with a temperature sensor. If it overheats the sensor will shut it off.

Some wall circuits may have excessive voltage spikes and drops. If they occur, the adapter may find it difficult to manage them. These spikes may cause the over-voltage protection circuit of the adapter to shut off. So unplug the unit from the computer and the wall. Put it in a well-ventilated area for about 10 minutes. This will most probably fix the problem.

Poor cabling is another problem that affects adapters. Dirty contacts and broken cables can both prevent the adapter from working properly. Check the contacts to see if there’re any obstructions.

Apple provides an extension cable or a small plug with the adapter. Try using this to see if you can get the adapter working. Make sure that the indicator light is glowing green or amber. If it is charging the battery, it will glow amber. If it is not charging, but supplying power, it will glow green. Blinking lights or red lights almost always indicate a problem. If you find blinking lights, you should consider resetting your computer’s system management controller.

If none of these issues solve your problem, you will have to buy a new AC power adapter.  You can find excellent replacement adapters at dvwarehouse.com. DV Warehouse is an authorized Apple reseller that offers the best prices on Apple products.

By Techwacky

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