logoDid you ever  want to save a piece of youtube video with funny episode, emotional mimics, epic fail, hilarious situation or what ever? Gif is the best format for that. It’s supported but any blog or site and played by any browser without any players on the page. Even twitter allows to integrate it to tweets. The question is how to cut off a fragment you need without downloading a video and photoshop experience.

iLOOPit.net gives the easiest and fastest way of making GIFs from YouTube videos online. It has features that made it user friendly and dummy proof. Any one can use this tool to create its own looping animation.

You can actually make your GIF YouTube videos without stress.

Features of iLOOPit:

– Guarantees you the creation of  a YouTube GIF from any video episode you give.
– Has got high accuracy in choosing the start and end of an episode.
– Optimized GIF in output  is assured.
– html5 video loop as an alternative (loads 8 times faster) to GIF
– Ratings from the community are high because most GIF is created by this gif maker
– Allows to embed  a GIF directly to a tweet, Tumblr post and share at reddit
– Other tubes (including nsfw tubes ) are supported and as sources

– Acceptance of different types of videos (including porn).

Follow these few steps that will save you some time and gives you quality animation.

Step1: Paste the video URL you want to use in creating the GIF online in this format

Step 2: Select the start for the GIF by sliding the play bar to the pined for start point. Stretch the bar choosing episode length.

Click ‘Gif demo’ to see if animation is seamless. If not repeat once again.

iLOOPit.net will do everything else for you. Once GIF is created you’ll get a notification to your email. You’ll be able to login to your account, find created “loop”(s), browse those you have made before.

convertedStep 3: Share your animated GIF .


That’s how it could look at your blog, tweet or tumblr post. Pay attention how fast it loads. The format is html5 video by default, gif fallback is optimized too.

There already a community around iLOOPit. Users rate loops of one another. You can see which got the highest score to understand how to make the best gifs.


By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com