fords-of-winsford-car-supermarket-40671Today, many people bail on buying a new car and instead opt for a used one. It is understandable, with the rise of supply of new cars; the supply of used cars rises also. Many people change their newly bought cars after only a few years of use, and the now old cars are sold or traded-in to a car dealership or a car supermarket, such as the UK industry giant Fords of Winsford. But by the time they sold their cars, the depreciation has taken its toll and now the prices of these nearly new cars are cheaper for a few thousand pounds.  But let’s have a deeper look at what the pros and cons are of buying a used vehicle.

Pros of buying a used vehicle

The first and most obvious benefit is the rapid price drop of a used car. This drop is owed to the first depreciation hit. The first depreciation hit is the biggest one and in the United Kingdom a new car can lose up to 40% of its value after the first year of being used. Depreciation rates of used automobiles are not as steep and a used vehicle loses its value in a much moderate and steady fashion. You can use this saved money for upgrading the car with many gadgets and new technology, or you can spend them on whatever else you like – it is your choice.

Another great thing about used vehicles is the reliability of the cars. It is known that some used vehicles are more reliable than some new vehicles. So you can practically buy a better car for the same money or the same car for less money. For instance, take a look at the huge collection of car at

At Fords of Winsford | Used Car Supermarket, you can find a used BMW or Audi for the same price or even cheaper than a brand new Ford Fiesta. I’m sure that most of us will go for the used BMW before the Ford Fiesta. If you are, however, a lover to smaller cars, then buy a used Fiesta! At Fords of Winsford, a used Ford Fiesta ZETEC that is just 3 years old is almost 4000 pounds cheaper than a new Fiesta ZETEC – the basic version, without any gadgets.

And last, but not least, the choice of used vehicles is huge, practically limitless. You literally can choose any make and model you want. Take a peek at FOW’s inventory; you will find that they have over 1500 used or nearly new cars at any time.

They are proud to announce that on their supermarket car lot, you can find all makes and models – BMW, Audi, Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat, Volvo, Mercedes, Citroen, Lexus, Mazda, etc. Because of their huge choice and their great customer oriented services, FOW have customers from all parts of the UK – Manchester, Stoke, Stockport, Crewe, Liverpool, Widnes, Shropshire, Wirral, Connah’s Quay, Wigan, Llandudno, Warrington, Chester, Bolton, Burnley, Preston, Blackburn, Oldham, Telford, Wrexham, etc.

Cons of buying a used vehicle

Although buying a used vehicle has many pros, it has certain cons too. Firstly, you won’t get to drive a brand new car, and we all love the smell of a new car. Used vehicles are riskier to buy, especially if you are buying from a private seller. You risk of buying a car that has been illegally altered, with a winded back odometer, with hidden damages that are not visible for the inexperienced eye.

The worst risk of all is to buy a car that has been stolen. But ultimately, all of these risks can be avoided if you buy from a trusted supermarket for cars like Fords of Winsford. FOW’s experts make a rigorous double check on all their vehicles and make sure that the cars they sell are in the best possible shape.

Another con of buying a used vehicle is the warranty. With a new car, you get a full warranty, but with a used vehicle you are lucky if you get any warranty at all. Again, some supermarkets for cars offer extended warranties for their used motor vehicles. For instance, Fords of Winsford have their FOW Gold extended warranty. But, even with that option, new cars still have better warranties.

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