rb00_aEnergy efficiency is most notable feature of LED technology. Ordinary lighting bulbs heat up very quickly and this results in loss of energy in form of heat. But LED lights don’t have this drawback, they convert most of the energy into useful light energy, resulting in higher efficiency. This article will point out many advantages LED bulbs have over ordinary filament bulbs. Many LED lights are being offered instead of translucent bulbs in the form of colored bulbs. This makes them very useful for decoration applications such as decorating Christmas events. This makes decoration much safer and prettier than ever. This has been the result of ongoing research and innovation in LED technology.

As discussed above, Christmas decoration is one of many applications, where LED lights are finding various applications. Not just Christmas decoration, but also they are being used in traffic signals as well as those Exit signs. Owing to their long life, durability and extraordinary lifetime, they can easily find wide applications in Ultra Violet Flashlight as well as toys. Elevator push buttons are also where LED’s are being used. Status indicators in technology and equipment are also using LED bulbs.

For safety and reliability during riding motorcycles and bicycles at night, they can be used for lighting up the environment. Movement sensors and glow lights are also employing LED bulbs in many ways. Subway stations, ferries, buses, trams, airports etc. are also using LED light bulbs for thin display of timings. Energy wastage, electrical hazards, environmental hazards are also being eliminated using LED bulbs.

Rescue services and emergency response services such as ambulance and fire brigades also keep them all times in case of emergencies. Most trucks and buses have these LED’s in their lighting system. Automotive brake lights also make use of this technology. Infrared LED lights are also used in remote control boxes of CD players, television, air conditioners, DVD and stereo players. Backlights of LCD displays also make massive use of LED technology. Theatrical stage lighting used to be made using traditional RGB lights, but now they are too being replaced by RGB LED lights, all thanks to the innovations in LED technology.

Translucent lights offer one more con that it can’t provide brilliant colors, this is turned into plus point of LED lights, since they can be purchased in just about any color. From very white to very dark, you can get any color for just about any application you may have. LED technology is very appealing when it comes to finding alternatives to incandescent light and energy bulbs. Starting from Christmas decorations, LED technology is now being used in many different applications in all spheres of life. Heat energy produced by filament bulbs have been reported to be the cause of fires around the globe, LED bulbs eliminate this risk by converting all energy into useful light energy instead of wasting it in form of heat energy. This removes the risk associated with them.

Reader must be wondering that if they have so many advantages they must be very expensive and unaffordable. But its simply not true. If you consider the costs of maintenance and energy saving costs associated with them, LED bulbs are cheaper than incandescent bulbs many folds. The initial cost of LED bulbs is being worked on by many technologists all around the world. And experts believe that they will be much cheaper than ordinary lighting solutions very soon. LED technology has aim behind it that is to make it much more beneficial and useful while still cutting down the costs.

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