transaction-historyDuplicate files in system result in massive disorganization. They can cause the loss of several hours in a year of computing. These files shall be deleted to free up disk space and keep data clutter-free. In Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 there is no built-in app that can find and delete duplicate files at ease. Here are given some important techniques that can be used to keep computer clean from the cloned files in Windows PCs or laptops:

Why duplication occurs?

  • Application programs create temporary files whenever you’re working with a document, image, spreadsheet, database, presentation, or any other file. The temporary file may still left undeleted after closing the program. This causes creation of duplicate copy of the original document.
  • A user copies, moves files to other directories. Duplicate files may enter your hard disk while copying data from a compact disc or flash drive.

What are the Risks and Deficiencies in Case of Manual Scan?

  • You may accidentally remove important files.
  • It takes so many hours
  • You’ll have to compare each and every file manually
  • You must know how to compare file tags, properties to identify duplicates.
  • It is not to use advanced algorithms in manual scan

To delete duplicate files you can use the IBM approved software, Clone Files Checker.


How does Clone Files Checker Work?

  1. It scans all partitions of your hard disk including removal media, or only selected folders or drives.
  2. Depending on how you customized search options, results will be displayed on your screen. For example: Certain files will be excluded from scan if you’ve chosen to exclude certain file sizes. The program may scan all file types if you’ve not limited the search for only certain file types.
  3. You’ll be prompted to take certain action- choose Auto Fix or Review & Fix option.

Benefits/ Advantages of Using Clone Files Checker

  • Deletes space-eating files
  • Re-organizes files stored on your hard disk
  • Saves your time. You won’t have to waste daily 20 minutes organizing your documents & files
  • Get rid of low disk space error
  • Speeds up your PC performance
  • Prevents system lags/ freezes, application crashes
  • Improves game FPS (Frames Per Second); improve your gaming experience
  • Windows boots faster
  • Applications open faster

What are Quick Fix and Review & Fix Features?

Clone Files Checker provides two options when it comes to deleting duplicate files. In case of Quick Fix your duplicate files will be automatically deleted without reviewing. In case of Review & Fix, no files will be deleted without reviewing. That is to say, a list of all files will appear on screen so that you can decide which files to be deleted, which files should be left.

Download it from the official website here:

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