pvcode_qrgenQR Codes have become an important part of one’s business. Through the use of QR codes, you are able to share your message in a different and creative way. You can also use QR codes to break the monotony of your blog or business and share important information to your existing and potential clients. Your customers could be filled with excitement and anticipation as they try to figure out the messages hidden in each code. Through a free online QR code generator such as TrustThisProduct.com, you are able to generate QR codes easily and for free. Listed below are some of the things you can expect from this website.

No Complicated Signup or Login Process for Static QR Codes

If you need a simple QR code, you do not have to waste time on signing up. By opting to generate a static QR code, you can have your own code in three easy steps. First, you need to initiate the process by clicking the Start button. Second, you need to select the type of information, e.g. SMS, website address, text or business card. Third, you just need to click the “Generate Code” button and you’re all set. Because of this, you can have more time on other aspects of your business that you need to address.

Get Different Kinds of QR Codes at Absolutely No Cost

There are different types of QR codes. Static QR codes are more common and TrustThisProduct.com offers the ability to generate such codes without having to login or signup for a free account. Dynamic codes can also be generated free of charge. If you are just planning to come up with a code that will show your price list or your website address, you can do it for free. Since there are no fees associated with this kind of codes, you do not have to worry about incurring additional costs and you can proceed with making new codes anytime you deem necessary.

Premium Services Offered

While QR code generation for consumers is free, manufacturers who would like to use QR codes for business transactions and other information have to pay for monthly dues. There is only one package available, and a fixed number of codes that you can generate for a month. Any additional codes will incur a fee. For a big company, 10 codes per month is a very small amount and could be consumed within just a matter of hours. It would be better if the fees are tiered and manufacturers that expect higher volumes could avail of additional packages.

Overall, TrustThisProduct.com is very convenient to use. You do not have to learn about complex programming methods just to get your own QR code. If you want to send a message to your friends in a unique way, you can easily generate a QR code which you can share to others, and you do not have to worry about any hidden fees or charges. While there are fees associated with QR codes for manufacturers, TrustThisProduct.com offers a competitive rate which will allow your business to create various codes for multiple needs and transactions.

By Techwacky

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