parcel holdingsAre you looking for a company that offers comprehensive parcel holdings services in a global scale? Through, you can instantly access all the services and features that no other parcel holdings company can offer.

Who Can Avail of These Services?

Parcel Holdings LLC, through its website,, offers its basic and premium services to more than 230 countries. As long as your country is supported, you can start buying or selling goods and receiving mail as if you are residing in the United States. Parcel Holdings LLC also cater to people who are already living in the United States but frequently move from one place to another due to work or other issues.

What Are the Services Offered?

As with other parcel holdings company, we offer you the ability to secure a U.S. delivery address regardless of your actual physical location. You can then purchase products and have it shipped to your U.S. address. The product will be forwarded to your actual address or put into storage for a period of time that you will specify. Aside from this basic service, Parcel Holdings LLC also offers other premium services, such as:

Selling on E-bay and Craigslist – Aside from making purchases, you can also sell goods through us. For a minimal commission fee of 5%, you have the option to mail products that you would like to sell. We will help you come up with sales and marketing materials in order to help you make the sale. You also have the option to keep the product in storage and look for potential buyers through other websites and you just need to pay a minimal amount for storage and product marketing costs.

Mail Organization and Management – You may view your incoming mail or products and provide automated or manual instructions on how each parcel will be treated. This goes for bulk mails as well.

Credit Advantage Program – through, you will be able to make a purchase using our American credit card after which your account will be billed and you may pay through PayPal or other convenient payment methods available in your location.

Confidentiality and Privacy is hosted on a secure server to ensure that your personal information is secure. Through a highly personalized management system, only you will have access to your account and will be authorized to provide instructions on what to do with your stored products or mail.

Taking Care of the Environment and the Community

Parcel Holdings LLC makes sure that only environment-friendly and recycled materials are used for packaging. In addition, we donate a fixed portion of our annual profits to various charitable organizations to ensure that we are able to thank the community through this simple gesture.

Registration Process

Registration is quick and easy. All you need to do is go to and select “Register” from the Menu. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to make purchases right away. You may also review other features or options that you would like to add to your account, depending on your goals or needs.

If you want the best, go for the best parcel holdings company in the market right now, and never miss out on all those deals ever again.

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