pdf-compress-onlineWorking with documents is probably one of the greatest challenges of today’s managers and office workers. It is certain that you need to email and transfer documents from one person to another, but the problem seems to be their size. In many cases, the email services do not allow large transfers. This issue will prevent you from sending the files that you want, so you will have to figure out other creative ways to email your PDF files.

A simple solution

As an executive manager, I encountered this issue many times. I learned about the possibility to compress the PDF files, but I was not sure how to use it. The tools that I found online had a 10MB limit, and this was too little for what I needed. We usually have large PDF files because we work with images and tables. Inserting them in the document will make them huge. It could be up to 50 MB, and most of the available tools could not convert such large formats. When we discovered PDF Compressor, it was great to see that their limit related to file size was of 50 MB. It was a real breakthrough, and we started using this tool on a regular base.

On top of this high volume compression, the tool offers the mass compression option. As I understood, this is the only program that can do this. The technology behind it is not easily accessible to everyone, so this is the reason the company has stuck to them. Also, I noticed that I do not have to insert my email address in order to get the compressed file. This situation is very beneficial because you do not have to give any personal data. In this way, there is no danger for your email address to get into different databases or to be stolen by cyber thieves.

Quality, above all,

When I used other types of compressors, I noticed that the PDF file has lost its clarity. The images were blurred, and the zoom in quality was low. This inconvenient happened because the other services will reduce the DPI level. The solution is not to lower this level, but to use a high-quality technique that will allow you to get perfect looking images.

PDF compressor is all that you might need in terms of quality. The images are crisp and clean even after compression. This thing will result in the chance to print the PDF or zoom it without any issues. The whole process of compression is not done with the DPI reducing. The great thing is that you can compress multiple files. There is a limit of 20 files that can be compressed at ones. But they are more than enough. After the process is ready, you can either download each of them individually or place them in a single ZIP archive. This tool is extremely helpful for our company, and with it, we have managed to fulfill many of our projects in due time.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com