1622505_735485423166386_6049815173369332670_oIn the old days a projector was and still is a big piece of equipment that people use for business and for pleasure, displaying pictures and movies onto a wall. No one would ever imagine a projector could be a portable piece of equipment that you could carry around in your pocket but now thanks to the Pro-X, that is exactly what you can do.

Technology is advancing all the time. First we had the phone, then we had the mobile phone which looked like a brick, and now we have mobile phones that can fit in your top pocket, but no one ever imagined that someone would come up with an idea to have a portable projector system that is compatible with all Operating Systems. However, that day has arrived and we now have the first Wireless HD Portable Projector.

Pro-X the First Wireless HD Portable Projector that is compatible with all phones, tablets and PCs, allows people to turn their mobile phone into a high quality projector system. This device, which is battery operated and compatible with all Apple, Android, and Window devices, can be used for personal or for business use.

With so many great apps on mobile phones and with great films and TV shows being available on the iPhone and other devices, through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other services, mobile users can turn their phone into an entertainment system. When there is nothing on the telly, a person with the Pro-X Projector system can pull out their phone and entertain everyone in the room with one of the latest films or shows.

This amazing new device simply projects the TV show or films onto a wall for all family and friends to watch. No longer do people have to crowd around a mobile phone to watch a show, with the Pro-X they can sit down and relax and watch it on the wall.

The Wireless HD Portable Projector is also a great tool for the business environment, allowing the device to be used as a presentation tool within the office or an art exhibition. No longer do business people have to carry around a bulky projector system thanks to Pro-X

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