sb1Despite the sustained efforts of the federal and local authorities, the crime rate in the United States is not showing any signs of lowering. According to the data on crime, a crime happens every 26 seconds in the territory of the United States. This information can only be a worrying one, and whilst we cannot live our lives thinking that there is danger overshadowing our every step, we can take some measure in order to assure that our safety is not put under threat.

Real time safety

The main problems people have in moments of crises is that they cannot get help during an emergency. Imagine that you cannot contact anyone, or that your phone got shattered and you are left at the will of chance and fate. You simply cannot take this risk when talking about your life and your personal safety. Having this in mind, a group of people led by a person who has been in these shoes came up with a wearable device called the Silent Beacon. This is a Bluetooth device which works by simply connecting ones smartphones and allowing for real time GPS tracking and alerts, which are delivered to your loved ones or to medical personnel. This personal safety device also comes in the form of a safety app. The app helps one find a “beacon” in cases of emergency.


Assistance for your needs

Both the device and the app were designed with one purpose in mind: that of providing immediate assistance to those who find themselves in an emergency situation by allowing to locate, track and communicate with those who may be in need of emergency assistance. Plus, the hope is that the app and the device will also work as a crime deterrent,thus managing to lower the crime rates in the country.

The brains behind this idea think that the app and device are indispensable for all citizens in the United States not only because of the high crime rate in the country, but because of the high number of people who suffer from chronic conditions that put them in need of constant medical supervision, too. People with diabetes, for instance, are often in need of immediate medical assistance, so the Silent Beacon can prove to be a great help for them.

Supported devices

sb3Even though the device has only been released in a small number, the app is available for purchase for both Android and iOS and blackberry operating systems. Silent Beacon is currently trying to raise money through a crowdfunding campaign in order to bring the device closer to the consumers. This device is a small, wearable one which could help tremendously in emergency situations, so have a look here in order to find out how you could help turn this project into reality.

If your curiosity about Silent Beacon has been sparked, make sure to check out their webpage in order to find out more about the mission of the firm, the device and the app that you can purchase and about the future plans the founders of the company have.

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