ormThe best method for counteracting negative content is to create positive content that outranks the trouble. This is easier said than done. Where would you post this content? Who would read it? You need to consider how bad links, from poorly optimized blogs, could hurt your reputation long term. Seek out websites with a strong page rank and plenty of visitors, then look for methods to pitch your ideas and guest post.

Contact The Posters of Negative Content

Asking someone to remove the content works more often than you might think. The poster may be willing to remove if you apologize and try to refund them, or may have found something more meaningful to replace it with. An alternative to asking for removal is to ask for an amendment to the post that explains your side.

Often, negative content amounts to a dispute. Telling your side of the story could help clear up confusion. Be aware of damaging headlines, and work specifically on getting those altered to present what really happened in an accurate light.

Launch Own Channels

Content marketing is all about distribution. If you own channels like LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +, Facebook and Twitter, you control where the messaging comes from. Sign up for profiles on these networks and make it a point to post regularly to them. Even if you see one outperform the others in sheer traffic numbers, take the effort to diversify. Your reputation will be better off for it.

Ask For Reviews

You should also always ask your clients to give you testimonials and leave reviews online. Here is a great tool that can help with that: http://www.vocalreferences.com/

By Techwacky

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