skyfeedbacklogoWhile traditional way of leaving feedback may work, studies show that its becoming less and less effective.  Suggestions boxes are becoming dusty and out of date. Hotel guests usually do not want to get their pen and physically write the feedback on the piece of paper provided by the hotels. Guest Feedback is crucially important to hoteliers so there must be a more intuitive and easier way to request for guest feedback.

We spotted  new trend where guests prefer to send their feedback via SMS or text messaging. I believe this is the most acceptable way and is the future of communication between businesses and customers. Said Boris Tkachev – founder of SkyFeedback Inc a Portland Oregon based software company, that focuses on Customer Engagement practices.

According to Hilton’s Jim Holthouser, during 16th Annual Lodging Industry Update in Memphis, he outlined that “guests are becoming more digital then ever before.” It is important to keep listening to guests because as Holthouser said, “customer is speaking” and we are losing touch points with them.

“We can lament that we’re losing touch points with the customer, but the customer is speaking.” said Holthouser.
Is guest customer service that is limited to over the phone  enough today? Well as we see guests are becoming more digital. Number of guests that prefer to ask a hotel receptionist a question using their cell phone is growing.

Feedback via text messaging provides several key benefits that often gets missed during other feedback methods.
  • For example, SkyFeedback provides a real time communication between guests and hoteliers. Think about it, when guests have an issue or a question, they can ask it immediately by sending SMS from their cell phone. Hotel receptionists  receive  feedback from guests instantly.
  • All communication is done privately, hoteliers do not see guests phone number, it is hidden for guests privacy concerns.
  • It is also a two-way communication. Guests send their feedback and hoteliers able to respond to it in real time.
  • By integrating skyfeedback informers, hoteliers can now ask their guests any question they want, by simply displaying informers on the tables.  These informers contain a question and instructions for guests to submit their feedback.

By Techwacky

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