m2mBrazil is the sixth-largest economy in the world, creating a significant demand for M2M services. With a growing interest in M2M solutions for sectors like e-health, security, and vehicle tracking, analysts are certain that the M2M market in Brazil will consolidate the high-growth phase, in 2014. Parlacom is well positioned in the market, with more than 200,000 M2M simcards currently managed in Brazil. With thousands of customers relying on the M2M platform, and connectivity with all mobile carriers, Parlacom is now one of the largest M2M companies in the country.

In a world where technology is rapidly changing, only a few companies can rise to the top and showcase a true vision for future connectivity. Parlacom is one of those rare gems with a laser focus on customer satisfaction and the most customized M2M solutions for Brazil’s industries.

While most M2M carriers offer one-size-fits-all solutions with no margin for change, this simply doesn’t work in the unique and complex Brazil marketplace. Instead, industries are looking for more customizable solutions that allow controlled spending for data and complete SIM card management with the click of a mouse.

Parlacom provides those options and more through a state of the art cloud-based M2M Platform. Working with the largest international mobile carriers, Parlacom provides M2M solutions for GPS tracking services, sales automation, security systems, payment gateways and more.

Through Parlacom’s M2M Platform, customers enjoy total control of data traffic for 3G, 4G, GPRS communications and corporate intranets. Using sophisticated M2M web applications, customers can log in to the online portal and monitor data usage with a rich suit of API’s.

Since 2005, Parlacom has developed ongoing connections with the world’s largest cellular operations. With thousands of companies covering over 200,000 terminals throughout Brazil, Parlacom has quickly risen to the top as one of the largest operations of advanced M2M communications and one of the most successful companies in all of South America.

Parlacom currently has the capacity to handle over 10 million SIM cards with 60+ gigabytes of connectivity to support unlimited data in two Data Centers, without jeopardizing speed, performance and redundancy

In the last few years, Parlacom has been building a bridge of new advanced mobile communications. Learn more about how Parlacom is impacting Brazil by visiting http://www.parlacom.net.br

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