credit_theregistercoukThough still a relatively new concept, 3D printing has gained a lot of interest from hobbyists, but to really become a reality, 3D printing really needs to have a lot of business application.

3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid images from a digital model. In order to achieve the impressive results which 3D printing can provide you must first have a 3D printer complete with the right ink cartridges.The price for this equipment naturally varies with the top end printers costing as much £1,500 or perhaps more.

For such a high price, many must ask is there a limit to what these printers can do? Modern 3D printers can literally print anything and this is why many businesses are experimenting with them as key parts of their design process.New businesses where 3D printing is a core part of their service or product like Printcraft for example are popping up every so often but we’ve yet to see a mass adoption by businesses despite the many benefits of 3D printing. Let’s review some of them now:

It increases innovation and efficiency

Companies are able to print prototypes extremely quickly and use them to carry out their research, get feedback and use that feedback to further improve their studies.This means that it enhances numerous processes and helps to breed efficiency; something which is naturally beneficial to all companies.

Improves communication

3D printed objects can be used to help get messages across effectively. The realistic physical appearance of the objects helps to create a lasting impression on your audience as opposed to computer images.

Reduce costs

The time and cost needed to develop real life designs would be too expensive for most individuals and companies to incur and, as such, 3D printers help to lower those costs. These printers are able to identify errors in production earlier and rectify them.

Good for business

Using realistic 3D models in your meetings will help give your business a more professional look, which could eventually lead to you landing more deals. This is naturally a major benefit and using 3D printing whilst it is still in its infancy will ultimately set you apart from your rivals.

On the contrary, while the 3D printing is fascinated, it’s simply not an alternative to regular paper printing; indeed, Fiscal Times believes it will be difficult for 3D printing to push beyond the Hobbyist Market. Sometimes, you just need a plain, down-to-earth document to communicate your business plan and proposals.Until 3D printed goods are a common occurrence in a business environment, there’s still Phoenix Direct– cheap and cheerful paper and printing supplies, without all the fancy bells and whistles.

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