KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAGetting a good website design is all about knowing what to expect when you go into the selection process. We will outline some of the expectations you should look for upfront and how to get the best design and function at a great price. Our web design firm in Austin Texas, Lakeway Web Design handles a wide variety of website construction covering everything from Corporate fortune 500 to Educational website design and layout. Some of the keys to getting a great website is to vet a large number of firms prior to selection. We recommend at least 5 to get a good idea of which one is the best choice.

Looking at the nuts and bolts of a website design firm are important to ensure that you have a successful completion of the project and it meets all the specs. Start by categorizing you website design needs out of these top 5 segments:

Top 5 website design segments:

  1. Website for a physical location – requires basic skill with a CMS such as wordpress
  2. Mobile App design – Look for a developer with python, java and objective C skills
  3. Web Application/Service – .NET, ruby, and C# skills are needed with SOAP and XML
  4. Ecommerce Store – You need a split design and code team. Magento is great here
  5. Personal site – Don’t waste time and money. Go buy a template and read some online help

In Austin the level of technical requirement is such that we have non-overlapping skillsets for UI design, webservice creation and mobile development. It goes along with the saying that it’s hard to be a jack of all trades…and good at the same time.  Also make sure that the staff includes a dedicated artist who is not doing heavy lifting for programming. We have yet to meet a great artist/programmer. It’s like a flying pig kinda.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com