spasAfter a long day of work and the long drive home, sometimes I wish I had a place I can go to where I can just relax and let all the stress of the day melt away. I have been doing a bunch of research after work on the different hot tubs that is available and I finally found the perfect one in a Cal Spas Aqua Series.

A Cal Spas hot tub jet powered flow of water can rejuvenate my body, relief back pain, and help with sleeplessness. The strategically positioned jets massages my lower back, neck, and legs while I lounge and stare endlessly into the cool night sky. Just 30 minutes a day could do wonders me. I bet it would allow me to be more productive at work and less tired.

Another reason I wish I had a Cal Spas hot tub is the social benefits. I can invite a few good friends over for some wine and we all can relax and enjoy the rejuvenating bubbles over good conversation. Nothing beats a hot tub when it comes to entertainment value.


By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of