Why You Must Have a Mobile Optimized WebsiteIf you are a business owner, you probably have a website just like most businesses do these days. One thing you may not have, though, is a mobile optimized website. Several years ago, having a mobile friendly website was just an option but the continued growth of mobile users and the increasing demand for newer and more feature packed mobile devices  now make it necessary to have a mobile version of your website. This applies particularly if your site is set up for business and ecommerce purposes. If your website is not mobile friendly, here are some reasons why it should be:

  • More than Half of Consumers in the United States Now Own a Mobile Device

It is quite unimaginable to think that just one decade ago, there wasn’t even an iPhone. Since Apple released their iPhone in 2007, though, smartphones have become a ubiquitous communication device. There are also more smartphone brands to choose from now more than ever before and Apple is no longer the lone key player in the industry but have been joined Samsung and Blackberry as well. With the smartphone revolution, more consumers are now using their phones to access the internet and make business VoIP calls. Different forms of handheld computing devices such as tablet PCs were also released into the market. Because of the internet capabilities of these devices, a growing number of consumers now use their mobile devices to shop for products and services online. Some consumers no longer even find it necessary to use their laptops and desktop computers to purchase goods as long as they have access to the internet through their mobile devices. It is important to note that users do not like buying products from a website that is far too slow and stretched out so if you want to have some leverage over the competitors in your industry and want mobile users to patronize your products and services, make your online storefront more mobile friendly.

  • Mobile Users Prefer a Simplified and Quick Loading Browsing Experience

Mobile devices make it possible for you to wirelessly connect to the internet. Unfortunately, sites often load slower when accessed through mobile devices so if you have a website that is not optimized for small gadgets, it will take a long time before your visitors see its content. Be aware that despite the limitations of mobile devices, mobile users still expect the sites they visit to load quickly. They want websites that require no pinch zooming for them to see the site in full either. Consumers also prefer to use sites that are easily navigable when accessed using touch screen devices. It will be difficult for you to provide your customers with these website functionalities if you do not have a mobile optimized site.

  • Having a Mobile Friendly Website Eliminates the Need to Create Mobile Apps

Many ecommerce websites now have apps that their customers can download and use on their mobile devices. Auction site EBay and leading ecommerce website Amazon, for instance, have mobile apps to make it easier for their customers to view their product offerings on mobile devices. It would be a good thing for you to have a mobile app that your target customers can use but creating one requires hiring a developer and spending money. If you do not have the required budget, your best option is to have a mobile friendly website. Having a mobile optimized website can achieve the same result as building a mobile app and that is to provide a seamless browsing and shopping experience to your mobile customers. You also get to spend less money than when you opt to create mobile apps for different mobile platforms.


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