The Three Fastest Growing Jobs in ITAs technology continues to evolve, many of the fastest-growing jobs are in information technology. Many jobs require no more than a Bachelor’s degree, with many requiring only an Associate’s degree from a local community college or technical school. With salaries climbing upward and opportunities for advancement almost unlimited, information technology is a field worthy of consideration for those wanting exciting jobs with big salaries.

Network Systems Analyst

The fastest-growing information technology job is that of network systems analysts. These are the folks who are responsible for installing or upgrading networks in businesses, schools and other organizations. New networks are being designed every day, from local area networks to intranets to wireless and voice communication systems. These networks are responsible for connecting offices around the world or in the same building, and are essential for making sure business gets conducted every day. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these jobs will grow by almost 55% per year through 2020, making them some of the most in-demand jobs in society. Salaries are also fantastic, with the average annual salary approaching $60,000 with some analysts earning over $95,000 per year.

Software Engineer

Another in-demand IT job is that of Software Engineer. As more and more applications find their way online, software will need to be created to meet the demands of consumers and businesses. These engineers use current programming languages as well as those still being developed to create software for anything and everything a business needs. The work is very detail oriented, with each code of programming needing to be absolutely perfect line for line. These jobs will also be experiencing great job growth, with average annual growth being 48%. While the work may be tedious at times, graduates will be well-compensated for their efforts. Annual salaries average $75,000 with top salaries approaching $114,000. For that kind of money, an engineer can afford a couple of trips to the eye doctor to cure their eye strain.

Database Administrator

Database administrators are also greatly needed today. These are the modern-day librarians of the digital age, keeping track of the vast amounts of information that are stored away in computers. They maintain data storage systems, always monitoring for efficiency and seeking to add more security measures to ensure no data is compromised. Job growth will average 38% per year, with average annual salaries approaching $70,000. As Austin Technology continues to work with great IT talent, these three jobs will continue to be in high demand.


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