Five Smart Phone Application to Use Around the House PicNew smartphone applications offer consumers the ability to control almost every facet of their home remotely from their phone. You can monitor your security system, change your thermostat and more with these convenient tools.

Home Automation

A concept that used to seem so far into the future is here. Home automation systems are becoming more and more mainstream. Varieties in features and pricing have made home automation systems a reality for many middle and upper class home owners.

The advantages of using your smartphone for home automation are seemingly endless. You can program the lights to dim every time you play a movie. You can heat up the Jacuzzi, turn on the patio lights and turn up the satellite radio with the touch of a button. In essence, you no longer need to be in front of an item in your home to make it function. Your smartphone becomes your central command station.

Home Security System

There are many smartphone applications surrounding home security. One huge plus is that you can view the feed from your home security camera from your smartphone. While you are away, you can make sure your valuables are safe from burglars, fire and plumbing leaks. You can also check on your sleeping baby, nanny and make sure your older children are doing their homework.

If you forgot to set your alarm system before leaving your home, you can do it from you phone. In the same vein, you can disarm the system in case you need to unexpectedly let someone in.

House Painting

Have you taken a photo of the color you want to paint your dining room, but cannot locate a paint sample that is the exact match? New smartphone applications analyze the photo, and determine the closest match. Currently, these applications are offered by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.

House Keys

Several smartphone applications have been developed to eliminate the need for house keys. These devices use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) to lock and unlock doors.

Home Garden

New smartphone applications for gardening tell you when to plant, water, weed and more. You can take a photo of the pest that is eating your tomatoes. The smartphone application will analyze the photo, identify the pest and tell you how to get rid of it. Brown thumbs can turn green with these new applications.


Guest Author Annette Hazard- She is a mother of one, she likes cycling, running, and green living. She uses Vivint to help her with all her home security and home automation.

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