Voice over IP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, ever since the internet took off, it has had a deep impact on the communication business. It provided new models of business opportunities for thousands of companies. Even customers are greatly benefited through the introduction of Voice over IP.


Voip has resulted in many people and companies to replace phones with Voice over IP enabled phones along with the usual traditional phone connection as a parallel facility. It really helps to cut down on your cost drastically and people save up to 90 % on expenses in many cases.

Voice over IP working methodology

Voice over IP works by converting analog signals into the digital format, which is then transmitted through an IP network and this finally, gets terminated on a public switched telephone network (PSTN). One of the biggest benefits of this Voice over IP is that it does not include various toll charges that you can relate with the traditional phones. It does this by being able to avoid the PSTN unless you close in on your destination.

Types of Voice over IP

There are quite a few types of Voice over IP, which the user can choose from.

Computer based Voice over IP

This is the most commonly used option by the users. The great plus factor behind this type is that it can come for free especially, if the communication is carried out by both parties through the use of computers by using the internet. The only criterion in this case is to download a Voip based application, which the users need to install in the system. The calls in such a case become free and unlimited for users. In case, the user is going to call on a landline or cell phone then the charges are applied, but they are relatively very cheap.

Residential or Office Voice over IP

These are used when you substitute them for your old connection at home. Once you complete the registration formalities you get a link following which you can use your computer attached broadband cable to your regular phone and make Voice over IP calls. The rates through this method are cheap. The costs are inclusive of monthly fees and a onetime registration fee.

Mobile Voice over IP

People must always be wondering about how to cut down on their costs when it comes to their mobile expenses. Mobile Voice over IP can come in as the perfect solution where the user can use IP networks like Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3G to make the necessary calls. Find a wireless mode through which you can connect to the internet. Download the softphone software and make the calls.

Business Voice over IP

Here a network of Voice over IP is used based on enterprise strength and needs. There are several solutions, which can be chosen after careful consideration.

No monthly bills Voice over IP

You subscribe from a particular service provider, who will ship the device to you. There is no monthly fee with this type of Voip and once it has been purchased from the service provider you can make unlimited calls.


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