Google has introduced their new online cloud service namely ‘Google Drive’.Google Drive includes some good features and offers about 5 GB online data storage absolutely free. You are allowed to store anything from songs, pictures, videos to your confidential documents and other important files. Well, theGoogle Drivecould be an easier solution for the corporations to back-up their data online. If you are already using some other Google services and products, you can seamlessly integrate them with Google Drive.

It not only allows you to store your data safely and securely, but activities like creating, editing and sharing your documents have been made much easier. It supports up to 20 various file formats and you can see and edit any of your documents right through your browser.

Google Drive is available in following standards:

  • Free – In which you get about 5GB of free data storage
  • Premium – You can get about 25GB to 16TB data storage online with monthly rentals.

Let’s see a few advantages of this new service of Google –

  • Live changes – You can easily create forms, spreadsheets, documents, presentations etc. and edit them online. It saves the changes automatically and gives you a real-time working experience.


  • Accessibility anytime anywhere – Your entire data is stored into Google’s data centers and you can access them anytime from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to log in to your Google drive account. It offers enterprise mobility to the big organizations.


  • Compatible with any Device – There is no particular platform defined to access the files inGoogle Drive. Any type of device, which can be connected to Internet, is compatible to use with the stored files.


  • Integration – Files stored in the Google’s drive can simply be opened with other Google apps. It offers better integration with other types of cloud applications, and enables you to work in hassle-free environment.


  • Easy Searching – You can search files or documents easily and efficiently. Even the texts can be searched from the images with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Besides, this service is a smart way to search the texts from any kind of image file.


  • Unlimited Data Sharing – Data Sharing and editing is now easier withGoogle Drive. You can give special permission to your group for creating or editing the files. Furthermore, the file size sharing limit is in GBs, so it is almost unlimited feature for regular users.

Along with the above said advantages, there are few issues especially highlighted forGoogle Drive.

  • Google doesn’t allow you to index the data yourself. Google holds this authority. So, if any keyword phrase matches with your photograph’s title or text in the document, it can float into the search results.
  • The service totally depends upon your Internet connection. There should be something that can connect you to your Google account. So, in worst conditions, where you have no internet availability, accessing the data is totally impossible.


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