Facebook, Twitter for Drupal CMSDrupal is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP language and distributed under General Public License (GPL). It was released in the year 2001 and since then about 1.5% of the total websites have been created using Drupal which range from personal blogs to corporate and government websites. Since Drupal is distributed under GPL license and marked as open source software which means that anyone can download or use this software and share it with others. Any average person can create a website using the services offered on this CMS software as such no knowledge of coding is required.

No content management system software is complete without various plug-ins or extensions. Plugins tends to enhance the features of a website. Drupal gives you the leverage of creating and using various Plugins. But if you are not so familiar with the technical aspects of building a plug-in, you choose from a list of previously existing social Plugins. Below is a list of social Plugins that Drupal has on offer:

1. Facebook social Plugins is set of modules which focus on all major Facebook Plugins which includes Facebook Like bottom, comments, like box and activity feeds. This module also gives you the option of using information of user social graph. You can choose the suitable language, size and the position of all the Plugins bottoms.

2. Disqus is a comment platform that helps you to build a healthy community for your site’s audience. It is a perfect plug-in for someone who wishes to add a third party comment system on the website. This plug-in integrates with the various features of Disqus comment system like threaded comments and RSS subscription.

3. SexyBookmarks is another popular plug-in for Drupal, it is widely used by bloggers from round the world. The basic look out of SexyBookmarks is different from other bookmarking Plugins available and that’s why it entices readers on different websites.

4. Creative Commons is a module that allows you to select and create commons license for the contents on your website. You can select a part of the content or attach the license to whole of content and place the application to your desired location on the site. As an administrator you can control which individuals have the permission of licensing the content and restrict which license type is available.

5. Facebook style status (Microblog) is one of the favorite Drupal Plugins available. This plug-in essentially integrates Facebook like style status updates, it has inbuilt @mentions, #hashtags, viewing conversation between different users and comments on status updates.

Increasing the social media Plugins on any content management system can increase the volume of traffic to great heights. But a large volume of traffic can have adverse impact on the website. Drupal is used by thousands of professional round the globe and therefore it is continuously evolving its security measures giving its customers a more user friendly environment to work upon.

Many users have reported an increase in their sale via Drupal, the above mentioned Plugins can work wonders for you too.

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