As a web user one of your most important assets is your email. I’m saying this because I check my emails several times everyday even though there is no guarantee there will be an email. My email has been a major way to get clients and contracts, it has been a great way to establish connection and friendship with other people and I talk with far more people through my email than in the real world so I can’t afford anything happening to my email, because it doesn’t have to. You don’t need to experience problems before thinking of solutions because we all know that prevention is better than cure so it is always better to take the right measures to prevent yourself from experiencing problems before it ever starts. Below are 3 very effective tips to help you keep your email secure.

Only Login Using HTTPS

If you use Gmail, Yahoo mail, and some of the reputable email service providers online there is every probability they offer you a chance to login using HTTPS. If so, always make sure you login using this method because it ensures the highest level of online security possible.

By using HTTPS it is also becomes very difficult for hackers and some other hacking applications to steal your cookies or get important details from you so you would have overcome the first set of problems you can experience.

Change Your Password Regularly

Another very important security measure you should take is to ensure you always change your email password regularly because you never know who is monitoring you and you never know what details people can use from you to guess your password. Try to be changing your password at least every six month and whenever you change make sure you are using the highest secure password possible which includes a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols.

Be Careful With How You Access Your Email

I’m not talking about how often here, but HOW. A lot of us are very careless about how we access our emails and we access our emails anywhere we have the opportunity. Don’t be going to cafes or public spots to access your email but make sure you only access your email on your home computer when really necessary because hackers can easily hack your account from a source you hardly know. Hackers can easily install a key logger on a café you know nothing about and in cases like this there will be nothing to guarantee your security.

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