Whether the rumor of iPhone 5 is true or false, the iPhone 5 announcement is still most likely anywhere from 3 to 6 months away. We are beginning to see some top retailers focusing their online advertising efforts on the “iPhone 5″ keyword. Does this indicate that an iPhone 5 release could come sooner than even the most impatient rumors suggest?

If you currently google for “iPhone 5″ you will see that Amazon is already selling the iPhone 5. Their ads read:

“iPhone 5 at Amazon.com – Buy iPhone 5 at Amazon… Qualified orders over $25 ship free”

As you would expect, the iPhone 5 isn’t out so if you click on the obvious link bait there is no iPhone 5 products found. Now we understand that its important to run eye-catching ads but why would they say “Buy iPhone 5 at Amazon” if they don’t actually have one when you click on it.

One might ask themselves why multi-billion dollar retailer Amazon.com would risk offending multi-billion dollar manufacturer Apple in order to hopefully grab a few $12 accessory sales on the sly by baiting customers to their site. The likely, and seemingly valid, answer is that they wouldn’t.

The ads are bogus. That is to say they’re not Amazon’s doing. Sure, they take you to Amazon.com. The ad even shows “amazon.com” as the destination URL. However, there’s nothing stopping anyone from running this ad and linking it to Amazon.com. That’s right, anyone can sign up for a Google Adwords account, create the exact ad seen above and cause the sort of stink that’s resulted from the ad in question.

However, one has to wonder if the added traffic from putting up the first iPhone 5 keyword ad will stoke consumer anger, since there is currently no iPhone 5 on sale there. To be sure, large e-commerce websites are notorious for launching sprawling ad campaigns that encompass large swathes of keyword phrases — even if they don’t carry the item you’re searching for.

There is always the outside chance that Amazon is aware of an impeding surprise iPhone 5 announcement and are simply laying the groundwork for their own online advertising campaign. But the greater likelihood is that they are simply trying to funnel in more referral traffic. One thing is for sure, however: when large corporations like AT&T and Amazon begin to target the “iPhone 5″ keyword, it proves nothing less that iPhone 5 buzz has reached a fever pitch .

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