If you’re a bargain hound, here’s a great Twitter account for you to follow: @EarlyBird, the latest official Twitter account from the company itself.
It will tweet out time-sensitive and/or limited-quantity deals from various companies and brands — giving special advantage to the retail-obsessed who are also social-media savvy.
How does the EarlyBird work? Twitter will partner with select advertisers to help them promote relevant, timely offers for Twitter users. The offers will vary in availability, price, product and other terms. Twitter will make money based on these partnerships, and users who follow the account will benefit by getting “first dibs” on limited-time and limited-quantity specials.
EarlyBird — which was first spotted by ReadWriteWeb on Friday — marks yet another evolution in Twitter’s business model, with Promoted Tweets coming to life this spring to expose users of the site to relevant content from advertisers.
Many businesses have included Twitter in their social media marketing strategies. “We believe that surfacing deals through the @earlybird account will help you discover the best of those deals,” reads Twitter’s statement on the new account.
We’re pinging Twitter for more details, such as the kinds of deals to expect and how often to expect them. Stay tuned for updates!
And in the meantime, let us know what you think: Is @EarlyBird a good idea for Twitter users who love a good deal, or is it the online equivalent of a mailbox stuffed with coupons and junk mail?
UPDATE: A Twitter rep got back to us; while they can’t name specific advertisers yet, our contact did say, “You can expect deals in fashion, tech, travel and entertainment.” In other words, there’s likely to be something for everyone, like a Twitter-themed version of Woot. We look forward to learning more soon.
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